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 Here you can watch instructional videos on partner dancing. Content covers a broad range of categories such as cool moves, foundational technique, dance strategy and much more. 

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Date Night

Date Night

Looking for something to do for a date night? This is one of the best occasions to learn how to partner dance. It doesn't matter if you have dance before or not, these videos will walk you through the basics and some fun moves to make your event spectacular. We also add in some dance challenges to keep things spicy. 

Date Night

Moves Anchor


 Looking to add to your  tool box of movements, patterns, and variations? Then this is the section you want. Add new footwork, try out different moves with your partner, change up how your pencil turns look, learn the basic steps for a dance style you do not know,  or learn some solo choreography to practice when your partner is unavailable, and more.


East Coast Swing (Single)

East Coast Swing (Triple) (Coming Soon)


West Coast Swing

Lindy Hop (Coming Soon)


Foxtrot (Coming Soon)

Tango (Coming Soon)

Waltz (Coming Soon)

Viennese Waltz (Coming Soon)




Merengue (Coming Soon)

Cha Cha

Samba (Coming Soon)


Night Club Two Step

Country Two Step (Coming Soon)

Hustle (Four Count) (Coming Soon)

Line Dancing

Line Dancing


Technique Anchor

 Understanding how to efficiently do everything in dance is crucial to our performance. Learning how to turn without losing balance, creating eye catching shapes in the body, clearly communicating with your partner , fully understand the mechanics of what your doing to make it more efficient, figure out the missing piece of what makes something hard and turn it into something easy, prevent injury by doing it, and more.

Movement & Positioning

Arm Styling


Cuban Motion



 Find the best method to approach your dancing or obtain a better understanding of what you want to accomplish. Learn the quickest and best ways to build your skills in dance, figure out how to get more out of your social dancing, see effective methods to get an edge in competition, understand different approaches to building a dance, comprehend how to not only perform what you do but to retain it in your memory, and more.

Social Dancing

Skill Building

Creativity (Coming Soon)

Competition (Coming Soon)


Musicality Anchor

 Our relationship with music is nothing short of amazing.  Here you get to explore and enhance that experience. Learn to dance on beat, highlight instrumental accents, connect the energy level of the dance with how you move, communicate what you hear to your partner, understand what phrasing is, try out new and diverse rhythms, make people see what you hear in the music, and more.


Embellishments (Coming Soon)

Phrasing (Coming Soon)

Musical Reflection (Coming Soon)


Informative Anchor

 There is a lot of both helpful advice and miss-information out there. Here you can find the helpful information part. Figure out how to sign up for lessons, pick dance shoes, understand floor etiquette, how competitions generally work, how to identify different types of dance to their associated music, and more. 

Software and Applications

Dance Culture (Coming Soon)

Dance Wear (Coming Soon)

Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Coming Soon

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