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Learn more about us and our dances, or find resources to help guide your dancing future!

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Learn about Spark Up Dance and its purpose. Find out why you should choose us to spark up your inner dancer!

Brett Granstrom, Owner and Operator

Read about the owner of Spark Up Dance! Learn his credentials, experience, and 

plans to build the dance community.

Learn more about partner dances and their variety of styles we teach through our summaries and demonstration videos.

There are many groups who support partner dancing. These resources can help you pursue your dance goals.


Spark Up Dance LLC

         Spark Up Dance LLC  is a dance company located on the coast in North Bend, Oregon, which specializes in partner dancing. Our purpose is to spark up a love of dancing for anyone willing to learn! With over 12 years of dance experience, several certifications, and competitive recognition, owner Brett Granstrom is dedicated to providing high quality instruction to his students. Dance Partner Keri Ricker commonly instructs and competes with Brett, providing spectacular demonstrations and complimentary teaching techniques.

        Whether you have never danced before or have been dancing for a lifetime, there is always more to learn with Spark Up Dance. We provide flexible booking and can travel to you, working to match your busy schedule. If you are seeking a fun and relaxing activity, coordinating a surprise for an event, or exploring the art of dance, you can hire Spark Up Dance to meet your needs!



Brett Granstrom



           Brett Granstrom has been a passionate dancer for over 13 years, and instructing for 11. He has become well known for his enthusiastic nature and patient instruction, and has experience performing, choreographing, and competing. Always eager to advance his skills, he is Preparing for Ballroom Dance Competitions with his dance partner Keri and regularly attends West Coast Swing dance conventions.


              He fell in love with partner dancing, and he intends to share this joy with all who are willing to learn. Brett's greatest success is when students leave his classes having enjoyed themselves and learned something new while doing it. We invite you to join in this experience!

Dances Brett Teaches

Smooth: Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, American Tango

Rhythm: Rhumba, Cha Cha, Bolero, Samba, Merenge, Mambo, Salsa, Social Bachata

Swing: West Coast Swing (Modern), East Coast Swing (Single Step/Triple Step), Lindy Hop, Charleston

Other Partner Dances: Night Club Two Step, Country two Step, Hustle (Four Count)


           What sparks a persons journey into dance? There can be numerous reasons, such as a desire to exercise, to meet new people, or just for fun. However, there tends to be one common aspect that everyone shares when getting into dance - We desire a change in our lives.

           It was my senior year of high school when I decided to make positive changes for my future. Dance became the first thing I explored, and I never expected it would become my defining passion! I began taking lessons with some local instructors. It didn't take long for the dancing bug to take hold! I started going out dancing 5 nights a week, performing, and helped hold local dance functions. At the same time I was going to college to become a theater teacher.


           My career choice ended up changing when two major events happened in my life. First, a majority of the teachers in the area either left or stopped teaching. Second, my theater teacher pointed out that I put more attention on my dancing then I did on my theater homework. He asked me to choose between dance and theater, wisely understanding that what I dedicated my enthusiastic drive to could become my future career.

           I was soon asked to teach dance when I felt I wasn't qualified for the job. A dance friend had set me up with a date and a time, and even set pricing for my students-to-be. I didn't have much of a choice! Surprisingly, the students not only enjoyed the instruction, but I found that I loved teaching dance.


           I started to go to dance conventions and speak with instructors to learn more about teaching. I quickly fell in love with not only dancing, but teaching dance to others. I found that the same lessons wanted to pass on through theater could be applied through a love of dance. When I went to my first dance convention, I realize that this was what I wanted to live for, and my path as a dance instructor was set.



Spark Up Dance LLC – Partner Dance Instructor/Manager 2016-Current

Bay Community Dance Club – Partner Dance Instructor 2010-Current

Bandon Oregon Ballroom Dance Association - Ballroom Instructor 2010- Current

USA Dance (Coos Bay) - Ballroom Instructor 2010- Current

Birthday Parties/Weddings – Partner Dance Instructor, Entertainer, DJ 2011- Current

Eugene West Coast Swing Dance Club- Swing Instructor 2018-Current

Pacific School of Dance – Ballroom Instructor 2012-2013

Marlo Dance Studio – Swing Instructor 2010-2011

David Allens Apprentice – Swing Apprentice Instructor 2008-2010


Oregon Jazz Festival - Performer 2016-2018

USA Dance Eugene - Performer 2018

Eureka Dance Festival - Performer 2017

Staver Dance Sport - Performer 2017

Pacific School of Dance - Performer 2012

Marlo Dance Studio Performances – Performer, Actor, Choreographer 2009-2016

Lindyhop Troupe – Performer 2008-2010


Marshfield High School Ballroom Competition 2016

Women's Crisis Center: Dancing with the Stars Fund Raiser 2013



Dance Vision Teacher Certifications




Viennese Waltz

American Tango



Cha Cha



West Coast Swing

East Coast Swing





Swing Literacy Development Method:

Theory Module Completed 2015

Workshop Module Completed 2016


Prom King – Most Pleasant to Dance with - Rose City Swing 2016

Master Brett Dance Teacher Award – Highly Valued Teacher - North Bend 2013

Ballroom Competitions:

Student division under Staver Dance Sport

1st Place - Cha Cha - Emerald ball 2014

1st Place - Rumba - Emerald ball 2014

1st Place - Bolero - Emerald ball 2014

1st Place - West Coast Swing - Emerald ball 2014

1st Place - Waltz - Emerald ball 2014

2nd Place –  East Coast Swing – Emerald ball 2014


West Coast Swing Competitions:


2nd Place - Advanced Dance N Play Jack and Jill 2019


2nd Place - Advanced Sea To Sky Jack and Jill 2018

2nd Place - Advanced Dance N Play Jack and Jill 2018


1st Place - Intermediate Portland Dance Festival Jack and Jill 2017

2nd Place - Intermediate SoSwing Jack and Jill 2017


1st Place - Intermediate Pro-Am - Portland Dance Festival 2016

1st Place - Novice/Intermediate Strictly Swing - Portland Dance Festival 2016

1st Place – Open Jack and Jill – Redmond Jason and Yevon Weekend 2016

2nd Place – Open Jack and Jill – Redmond Piper Workshop Weekend 2016

2nd Place – Hi-Low - Dance N Play 2016

3rd Place – Open Jack and Jill – Redmond Jason and Yevon Weekend 2016



1st Place - Novice Jack and Jill - Dance N Play 2015



3rd Place – Novice Jack and Jill - Portland Dance Festival 2014

Styles of Partner Dancing

Styles Of Partner Dancing

There are many different styles of partner dancing.

Here we summarize  some of the most common styles.

Smooth / Standard

If you want to fly across the dance floor, then you have found the right style for it! It's like going on a roller coaster ride! These dances move on the outside portion of the dance floor going in a counter clockwise circle. Always traveling somewhere, the movements are large and expressive in every way. They are well known for their beauty, grace, and structure. 


Latin / Rhythm

Passionate. That is the best way to describe any variation of this style. Here you will find Cuban motion in action throughout the hips, ribs, and arms! Fluidity combined with speed and precision make these dances fun and engaging. 


There is no better way to have fun then with a swing dance! Between the modern style of West Coast Swing and the forever playful lindy hop, there is something for everyone! These styles emphasis today's music and the classics with their freedom of expression. 

Other Styles

Looking for something more specific to your desires? There are many more styles out there suited to all different types of music. There is the half-Latin half-Waltz Night Club Two Step, the highly interpretive style of Blues, and the country style of Texas Two Step. 

Please note that our instructor may not be teaching all the above dance styles. Visit the Instructor page to learn what our teachers are currently teaching. If our instructors are not currently teaching what your looking for, contact us so we can guide you to a resource that does!


Click/Tap the name to visit their site!
Dance Shoes

Glass Slipper - High quality partner dance shoes sold out of Portland. Great prices for high-quality shoes!

Comfort Dance Shoes - A wonderful online resource for great partner dance shoes. Sizes match normal shoes for easy online ordering!

Dancers Closet - Purchase shoes for ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom, and more; this shop sells it all! Located in downtown Eugene, they have been in the shoe business for a while and will know what your looking for!

Alternative Instruction

Dance Vision International Dancers Association (DIVIDA) - Competitions, Dance instruction, Teacher training, and their very own dance syllabus. This company is recognized by the NDCA. They sell instructional videos for dancers and syllabuses for instructors. DIVIDA also runs some of the most popular ballroom conventions in the United States.

Canadian Swing Champions: Myles and Tessa Cunningham Munroe - Some of the most amazing Dancers/Teachers in the world! They Perform, Teach, Choreograph, Judge, and sell dance tools. They teach all styles of partnership dancing and have fantastic articles to keep you up to date in the dance world. Their website has several videos for purchase on West Coast Swing.

Swing Literacy Development Method - This is an amazing program designed to help dance teachers evolve their instruction. Whether you are new to teaching or highly experienced, there is always more to learn from Myles and Tessa Cunningham Munroe.

USA Dance (Global) - This is a great source for finding either social or competitive dancing around the United States.

Dance On the Oregon Coast and Eugene

Staver Dance Sport - Dance Vision certified studio in Eugene, Oregon owned and operated by Linda Staver. Learn Ballroom dancing, train for medal exams, or get instructor training. Staver Dance Sport knows everything Ballroom.

Marlo Dance Studio -  This highly professional studio teaches Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Ballroom in Bandon, Oregon.

Pacific School of Dance - This highly professional studio teaches Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Modern styles of dance in Coos Bay, Oregon.

Bay Community Dance Club (BC/DC) - A club dedicated to keeping partner dancing alive in North Bend, Oregon. Dances happen every Wednesday night plus occasional events.

Bandon Oregon Ballroom Dance Association (BOBDA) - A club that holds social dances and events every Saturday night in Bandon, Oregon.

USA Dance (Coos Bay) - Our local chapter of USA dance in Coos Bay Oregon. They put on a popular Ballroom dance event the first Friday of every month in Coos Bay, Oregon.

Eugene Swing Dance Club - This club works hard to bring West Coast Swing to life in the Eugene area. Dances are every Monday night at the Vets Center. 

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