Instructional Services

Want the fastest and most efficient route to learning? Private lessons give you (and your partner!) the attention you need! 

Want an affordable and enjoyable way to learn to dance? Group classes are great introducing you into the dance community!

Have an event such as a

birthday party, fundraiser, or community dance you want us to teach at? Hire us to make it happen!

Want to be the star of your wedding reception? We offer private & group lessons, including choreography, to make your day truly special!

Private Lessons Schedule and Sign up

         Want a Private dance lesson with Brett Granstrom? We make it quick and easy to sign up for an appointment! You can now sign up for private lessons Online! It will give you dates and times the instructor is available. On top of that, you will get a confirmation from the teacher saying they are aware and ready for your appointment. Tap/Click the Button below to sign up now!

Private Dance Instruction


           Private lessons are the fastest and most effective way to learn partner dancing. You will receive direct feedback from the instructor on what you need to modify or change. It is also easier for your instructor to demonstrate how different techniques should feel and function.


           Private lessons adjust to your pace. Whether you want to learn quickly or take more time refining your skills, the choice is yours. They also present the opportunity to get instruction on specific material. If you are having a problem with turns, we can dedicate a lesson to turn technique. If there's a certain move that you're having difficulties with, we can take time to guarantee you can master it. In fact, we encourage you to put your toughest questions on a list and bring it to us. We will help you figure it out! 

           If you have a friend or a special someone you want to treat, this makes for an excellent gift! Invite them along for a couple's lesson and learn together. Private lessons can be a great surprise!

Participants: 1 or 2 people

If you wish to have a Private lesson with 3 or more people, please see our Group Lessons section.

Class Cost: In Person: $80.00 for 50 Minutes (Includes Floor Fee) Online: $60.00

Courses are minimum 50 minutes. Partial time after the first 50 minutes are prorated. 

Charges for travel expenses may apply for travel outside of the North Bend or Eugene Oregon.                                                          

COVID Safety Requirements:

  • Masks are required and will be worn at all times. No food is permitted in the dance area. Drinking liquids will be designated to a break area.

  • You must bring your own water bottles, they will NOT be provided.

  • Must be fully vaccinated against COVID and have at least 10 days pass since final vaccination.

  • Hand sanitation will be provided and required to use when entering and exiting the lesson area.

  • All training equipment will be sanitized and wiped down between uses.

  • There will be a maximum of two students able to take a lesson at the same time

  • There will be a maximum of two teachers/assistants able to instruct at the same time

  • Low-contact and contact-free practice options available upon request.

  • You will be required to sign in when you arrive and to answer precautionary statements regarding your health.

  • The above is currently required to maintain a safe practice environment for our instructors and students. These rules are subject to change in the future in accordance with community needs and local law. All current students will be notified ahead of time if any of the above requirements change.

Group Lessons


           Group lessons are an affordable way to hone your dancing talents while meeting new people in the community. They can be a lot of fun between learning and socializing with others of similar interests! Instructors will have you rotate partners throughout the class, giving you an opportunity to practice alongside dancers of all skill levels and will teach you to adjust to different types of Lead and Follow roles.

           Group lessons happen on a regular basis, allowing you to stay dedicated to refining your dance skills. One cost covers several days of instruction, making this the most affordable option for the regular dancer.


           Workshops are group lessons that is structured around a specific element of dance. For example, a workshop in Cuban motion would teach you how to incorporate Cuban motion into several different dances. Workshops hold great value since you can get a new perspective on techniques you could have been struggling with. If there is a element of dance you would like to learn more about, ask if there are any upcoming workshop that covers it!

Private Group Lessons

           Want to have a group class for just you, your friends, and family? Schedule a group lesson with three or more attendants to have a night of fun surrounded by the people you appreciate most! This is a great surprised for special occasions, or to introduce your friends to dancing in an environment where they can feel comfortable.


          Need us to bring the lessons to you? Check out our Event section below for details!

Participants: 3 or more

The only limit is the amount of floor space we have available! Contact Us for details.

Class Cost: Check Class Prices

Class rates vary depending on the lesson and its duration. Check the Schedule for time, cost, and location to find a class that fits your needs!

Private Group Lesson Cost: $80.00 an hour (Includes Floor Fee)

For lessons over one hour, partial time will be prorated. This rate applies to lessons in our area; check out our Events page for details about us coming to you.                                  


Event Teaching

           Whether you are hosting a party, looking for a group lesson with your friends and family, or seeking a professional to teach workshops for your local dance community, we can bring the dancing to you! We provide quality dance instruction combined with a fun learning style, creating an entertaining experience suitable for any event.

Examples: Birthdays, Weddings, Workshop Weekends, Holidays, and more!

Participants: Any

Like group lessons, participants are only limited by the space we have to dance! Multiple Private lessons are also an available option for events.

Cost: Contact Us for a quote!

As different events can be unique, it is difficult to provide rates before we know what you are looking for. Travel expenses will be included in the cost, so be sure to tell us the location of the event and what accommodations might can be provided for the most accurate quote!

Local Lessons: If you are looking for instruction in our area, check out our Group Lessons page for rates on Private Group Classes.                                                       

To get a quote, visit our Contact page!



           Getting ready for a very special day? It's normal to feel embarrassed when the music comes on - hire us to take away those fears so you can enjoy your celebration of unity and be the star of your reception! We can help you match the music you choose with a style that looks great, with lessons that provide the skills you need to dance with confidence!

           Want to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime event? We offer Group Lessons and professional choreography to help you create the night of your dreams!

Participants: Any

We offer Private and Group lessons that fit your needs. If you can't come to us, feel free to Contact Us for details on how we can come to you!

Private Lesson Cost in Person: $80.00 for 50 minutes (Includes Floor Fee)

Private Lesson Cost online: $60.00 for 50 minutes

Private Group Lesson Cost: $80.00 an hour (Includes Floor Fee)

After the first hour, partial time is prorated. Visit the Events page for details on events in your area, or Contact Us for a quote on travel or choreography options.


Choreography Cost: Contact Us for a quote!

Choreography can take a lot of time depending on the complexity of the routine. Be ready to discuss the event and your dancer's past experience for us we can provide the most accurate quote.