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To The Point Sot Turns intermediate Level


To The Point Series: This is a shortened version of our video "Spot Turns Intermediate Level". This video will show you what to do, but leaves out the details on why and how your doing it. This makes it quick and accessible to experienced dancers who are new to our content and can also be a great way to review the content from the original video. If you want a more detailed explanation on how to do the things shown in this video, please watch the original Video.

Once you have finished mastering beginning level spot turns, its time to level up! In this video, we teach how to do multiple turns in a row. We cover everything from how to manage your arms to how to use movement diversity to increase your learning speed. This skill helps significantly for dance moves like Pencil Turns, Back Spot Turns, and Free Spins.

Lesson Taught by Brett Granstrom at Spark Up Dance Llc.

00:10 Introduction
00:40 Demos
01:13 Goal
01:32 Breaks
01:45 Dizzy Practice
02:14 Turn in Four Directions
02:36 Landing Methods
03:10 Finishing Turns
03:36 Spotting
04:04 Prepping Turns
04:34 Adding Turns
04:45 Arm Positioning
05:35 Power Management
06:10 Variation Learning
07:19 Ending

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