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Cuban Motion Rhythm Style Beginning Part 4


Cuban motion is the core of almost any Latin style dance. It is a part of the character, movement foundation, and an important form of communication for these styles. This beginner series is dedicated to Rhythm style Cuban motion, using Rumba steps as a base. This exact same movement is used in Cha Cha as well. All of this Cuban motion technique can be used as a foundation to learn other forms of Cuban motion too, so if your completely new to Cuban motion, we recommend starting with this series Or the Cuban Motion International Latin Style Beginning series first. We break down everything into easy to practice drills that are layered to make the learning process as easy and efficient to learn as possible. The videos Primary focus will be to
stretch out your hip flexors and to teach you everything that is happening from the waist down.

Taught by Brett Granstrom and Keri Pilgrim from Spark Up Dance LLC.

00:10 Demo
01:00 Parts 3 and 4 Forward Steps
05:19 Parts 3 and 4 Forward Steps Follow Along
05:59 Parts 3 and 4 Backward Steps
11:25 Parts 3 and 4 Backward Steps Follow Along
11:55 Parts 3 and 4 In Place Steps
14:42 Parts 3 and 4 In Place Steps Follow Along
15:32 Parts 3 and 4 Side Steps
17:20 Parts 3 and 4 Side Steps Follow Along
17:49 Parts 1,2,3, and 4 All Directions Follow Along

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