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Bending and Sending Backward Steps


Moving backwards in dances such as Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, and Viennese Waltz can be challenging. So we decided to help you make it easier on yourself! This video teaches you how to walk back more efficiently so you don't get your toes stepped on. We also teach you how to fly across the room with power and grace while your moving backwards. Learn to Bend and Send so you can keep up with even the highest skilled dancers!

Taught by Brett Granstrom from Spark Up Dance LLC.

00:10 Introduction
01:21 Demo
02:04 Learn in Layers
03:00 Walking Backwards
04:59 Floor Brushing
08:03 Bent Knees
10:25 Toe Point & Ankle Extension
14:45 Pushing Off the Floor
20:40 Toe Sliding
23:13 Step Length
24:56 Hip Swing
28:55 Leg Straightening
32:45 Forward Bias
35:32 Back Foot Pull
38:49 Balance
46:55 Rise and Fall
48:59 Ending

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