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Arm Styling Beginning Level


There are an uncountable amount of ways to style your arms. It can seem intimidating to know where to even begin. Here we give you drills to perform commonly used arm movements for all forms of partner dancing. These techniques will give you a solid foundation to work off of when learning how to move your arms in each dance style.

Taught by Brett Granstrom from Spark Up Dance LLC.

00:21 What is arm Styling
00:54 Core/Floor to Arm Movement
1:35 When can I use arm styling
3:47 Hand Styling
7:35 Windmills
8:58 Frontal Arm Vs Back Arm Movement
10:41 Windshield Wipers
12:22 Table Top
13:55 Cork Screw
15:07 Arm Twists
17:03 Diagonal Cuts
18:47 Hand/ Placement while inactive
20:15 Keeping Mobility in the Arms

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