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Cha Cha Solo Footwork Routine Bronze


This course introduces all the standard footwork found in Bronze (Novice) Level Cha Cha. This is a solo practice routine designed to teach you all the footwork without the distraction of the other aspects of the dance and to give you a repetitive line dance to practice your steps. All footwork in the choreography is used in patterns done with a partner. As a bonus we also cover 4 different ways to start Cha Cha on time to music.

Taught by Brett Granstrom from Spark Up Dance LLC.

00:10 Introduction
00:50 Music Demo
02:01 4 ways to start the dance
02:59 In Place Start
03:45 Mambo Start
04:32 Rock on 2 Start
05:54 Running Step Start
07:10 In Place Basic
09:58 Side Basic
20:50 Butterflys
26:11 Lock Steps
34:20 Forward Walk Turns (Paddle Turns)
37:53 Hook Turns (Back Spot Turns)
43:04 Coaster Steps (and Side Rocks)
46:18 Cross Turn (Turning Cross Chasse')
51:24 Leg Flicks
56:03 Cross Body Lead
01:00:42 Putting the Routine Together

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