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Character of the Music and the Dance

Zouk is know for is sensuality and intricate upper body movement. Partners are normally within close proximity to each other, as if dancing in a tight night club together. Some signature movements include a type of head ducking action that the dance is known for. Body waving is used a lot with micro isolation's in the movements.

Kizomba has similar traits to Zouk but instead of being focused on the upper body, there is a stronger focus on intricate footwork and smaller micro isolations.

Common Instruments

brass , synthesizers, guitar, bass, shaker, conga, drums , and tumba.

Rhytmical Themes

Zouk/Kizomba will have a low Boom------Tick-Boom-Tick beat that is constant throughout the music. Other times the main beat is Boom------Boom-Boom. One subtle Boom, a slight pause, followed by two Boom sounds back to back.

Click the Samples Below

Sample Descriptions

Here the music is going Boom------Tick-Boom-TIck throughout the song

This song alternates between the two styles. Its starts off with Boom-----Tick-Boom-Tick then switches to Boom----Boom-Boom back and forth.

Note how the base beat is perfectly timed with the clapping sound to make the Boom----Tick-Boom-Tick

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