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Viennese Waltz

Character of the Music and the Dance

Viennese Waltz is the accelerated version of Waltz. Still a dance that likes to reflect the beauty of life or the grace of sorrow. Songs will generally speak about love and joy or sorrow and loss. The music will be more intense in its energy level. The experience includes a lot of tight spins that will cause you to fly around the room.

Common Instruments

Piano, Violin, Drums, Guitar

Rhytmical Themes

It is commonly found that there is a Soft Boom sound followed by two ticking sounds. The ticking sounds can also just be a raise in pitch. Boom, Tick, Tick. Waltz and Viennese Waltz are the only dances in 3/4 Time. (Meaning you are always dancing in steps of 3.)

Click the Samples Below

Sample Descriptions

Notice how the Piano hits the first beat and the cymbal on the drums hits the second two beats. Boom tick tick. However the energy level of the song is much higher and the pace much quicker then in Waltz.

The entire back beat to this sample is done all through the Guitar alone. The Low pluck of the strings is the first beat and raise in pitch is the second two beats.

Here the Drums are creating the entire Boom tick tick. The Rock song gives the dance a different flavor but still matches the mood of the dance.

The rhythmical strums of the Guitar is really soft and pleasant to the ear however depending on the song, the primary beats can be very subtle. Listen closely to songs with these kinds of sounds.

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