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Character of the Music and the Dance

Tango embraces sharp powerful movements followed by slow graceful motions that create intense anticipation. The music tends to reflect this by creating sharp sounds complimented by soft background instruments.

Common Instruments

Drums, Accordion, Violin

Rhytmical Themes

In most original Tangos for the Smooth/Standard styles, there is a strong drum rolling sound every 4 beats. The more modern Tangos tend to take this out and instead replace it with the more common Boom tick sounds or they use a string instruments to emphasize where the boom would normally be.

Click the Samples Below

Sample Descriptions

TRADITIONAL: Take note of the strong drum rolling action throughout the sample

This song uses the Violins for the primary beat of the music and takes the drum roll out.

This is more of a sneaky Tango that eventually will build up to having sharp accents rather then having them throughout the song

The characteristic of the Tango like violin is still here but the other instruments bring more of a modern Pop vibe to the style

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