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Character of the Music and the Dance

Samba is all about having fun, being flirty, and pulsing to the music. Its commonly refer to as the party dance. Its fast rhythm is complimented by a complex layer of background instruments causing a lot to be happening in the body. Especially in the abs.

Common Instruments

Tamborims, Snare Drums, Agogo bells, Shakers, Surdos, Cuica, Timbal, Panderio, Repinique

Rhytmical Themes

Samba's will have a sharp Boom followed by three distinctive Tick-A-Booms. The time in between those sounds will have a lot of musical embellishments in traditional Samba songs. In more modern songs those in between embellishments tend to be taken out. The main beat sometimes becomes Boom------Tick-Boom

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Sample Descriptions

Not that there is a lot going on in the music but there is still a strong Boom-Tick-A-Boom. Very party like and high energy.

The Pop version has less going on in it however it still has the high energy and the Boom-Tick-A-Boom signature.

The majority of the notes are being hit by the background music instead of the primary beats. Its subtle but the rhythm is certainly there and the instruments certainly help to characterize the music to Samba

This version takes out all the extra elemnts that you would normally expect in a Samba but maintains a very similar Rhythm using the Boom------Tick-Boom

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