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Night Club Two Step

Character of the Music and the Dance

Night Club Two Step is a slow dance that can either be romantic, sad, or a bit groovy. It uses large graceful arm movements combined with smooth gliding footwork. Night Club Two Step can be danced in two ways. Modern style: Starting on the down beat stepping side ways. Country style: Starting on the rocking or tapping action on the down down beat.

Common Instruments

Drums, Piano, Guitar, Base

Rhytmical Themes

The main beat is Boom---Tick however most of the time in Night Club Two Step music, the Boom is very subtle and soft while the Tick is very loud and clear. The music itself tends to have a very slow beat.

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Sample Descriptions

Both the Boom and the Tick are very evident in this song. The Boom being hit by a deep low drum, and the Tick being hit with a smaller lighter drum.

Its fairly common for the Boom to be subtle or seem almost non-existent in Night Club Two Step music. The Tick in this song is loud and clear however the Boom is strummed subtly by the Guitar.

The Guitar here is subtle but consistent for the Boom in the music and the Tick is very clear.

Modern style of Night Club Two Step still maintain the strong Tick in the music while embellishing the rest with more Pop like sounds.

The main beat throughout part of this song is just the strumming of the Guitar. Country style Night Club Two Step music has a bigger focus on the Guitar strum then other styles of music to this dance. You will notice that part of the song does eventually create that strong Tick sound but Guitar strumming remains constant.

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