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Character of the Music and the Dance

Merengue is all about marching to the beat. Step on every beat while weaving through arm movements that wrap, twist, turn, and slide. The music is very up tempo and always feels like a celebration.

Common Instruments

Accordion, bass guitar, güira, tambora, piano, guitar, saxophone, trumpet, congas, clarinet, trombone, tuba

Rhytmical Themes

The music is very traditional in the sense that there is a very strong Boom-Tick sound in the music. Its consistent throughout the songs.

Click the Samples Below

Sample Descriptions

The energy level of the dance is very high and the beat is fairly consistent and repeats itself.

Here the beat is very defined with the pace of the music staying true to the consistent pace of Merengue.

This one is a lot more subtle but still has that high party like energy, common Merengue instruments and constant Boom-Tick

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