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Character of the Music and the Dance

Mambo was commonly danced at parties in a ballroom to a large band. Meaning that dance was designed to be for high energy music, fast movements, and plenty of spins. The hold in the dance is performed with a wider and more firm hold then its sibling Salsa.

Common Instruments

conga drum, bongo, timbales, claves, trumpet, trombone. saxophone, bass.

Rhytmical Themes

You will hear a constant clicking sound in the background creating the base beat. Its subtle but evident in the music.

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Sample Descriptions

The constant back beat of the music will not always be at the same pitch but it will be constant.

In this example the primary beat is constant and at the same pitch.

The dance tends to embrace getting dressed up Semi-Formal and going out to a Big Band party to social dance with others.

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