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Latin Rumba

Character of the Music and the Dance

Love and desire is what this dance is all about. It is a slow dance that is both seductive and sweet at the same time. It is know for its intricate Cuban motion and its slow to sharp actions that contrast each other. The connection between partners is all about being absorbed in one another. The international style of this dance is common in competition and performances. The music tends to be slower then its Rhythmic sibling.

Common Instruments

Claves, Conga Drum, Cata', Maracas, Guiro

Rhytmical Themes

The music will have a very soft yet strong Boom sound that lingers for two beats until followed by two quick clicking sounds. Often there will be a shaking sound or you will hear the Guiro rattling in the background. More pop like songs will play fewer instruments but contrast sounds using a background of semi silence.

Click the Samples Below

Sample Descriptions

You will hear the first beat is drawn out into almost silence followed by two clicking actions by the drums. Very slow and sultry pace.

The base creates a low sound at first follow by two clicks. However the base is very subtle here.

There is a more emphasis on the drums contrasted by the Shaker. The two quick beats are played by both the drums and the Timborim

This modern song maintains the Shaker and the drums but the rest of the instruments are different then Traditional. However the Long drawn out beat followed by two faster hits is still prevalent.

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