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Character of the Music and the Dance

Hustle comes in two styles. Three count style is the original style of hustle. It has faster footwork and tends to be a bit sharper. Four count hustle borrow more from its cousin East Coast Swing utilising more rocking actions and upper body movement. Both styles are danced to the same songs. It originated in disco then adapted into modern day pop and techno.

Common Instruments

Drums, Synthesizer, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard

Rhytmical Themes

The primary beat for Hustle of both styles is a powerful and fast back beat that goes Boom---Tick. Often songs replace the Tick with another Boom. Boom---Boom

Click the Samples Below

Sample Descriptions

We can hear in this song both the Hard Boom---Tick sound and the disco elements in the background.

A very strong Boom---Tick sound here that is embellished with Pop like instruments. Very high energy.

This Techno song uses more of the Boom---Boom base beat. Very common for Hustle music for the Tick to be replaced with another Boom. Techno's fast paced rhythm make it great to Hustle too.

The Drum here is the same pitch, creating a Boom---Boom to replace the tick. The energy level is high and the sound is consistent.

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