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Country Two Step

Character of the Music and the Dance

Country Two Step is a style of dance that trots around a room having leaders weave their followers into intricate spins. The dance is fast paced and maintains a high energy feel throughout.

Common Instruments

Drums, Guitar, Piano, Banjo, Bass, Mandolin, Fiddle, Piano

Rhytmical Themes

There is a fast and sometimes subtle Boom---Tick main beat throughout the music.

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Sample Descriptions

The strong Boom---Tick sound in the music is created at a fairly quick pace and is constant throughout the song. The embellishments and vocals in the song tend to match that "Go go go" pace of the music.

Here the heavy beat of the drums is constant helping to create that high energy flavor of Country Two Step.

The Boom sound here is soft however the drums are fairly quick and regular when it comes to the Tick sound.

There is a low Drum here creating the Boom thrumming sound in the music however the Guitar is what brings the high energy style Country Two Step to life in this song.

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