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Country Swing

Character of the Music and the Dance

Country Swing is all about spinning while stretching towards and away from your partner. The dance will weave through intricate arm swinging motions usually accompanied by simple tricks and dips.

Common Instruments

Drums, Guitar, Piano, Banjo, Bass, Mandolin, Fiddle, Piano

Rhytmical Themes

The common Rhythm in Country swing is normally a Boom---Tick sound in the music. Most often the Tick sound being emphasized. Otherwise the embellishments and lyrics are Country style in nature. Some of the songs will have a swung Rhythm in the background Tick----Tick-Tick.

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Sample Descriptions

The original Country swing songs tended to borrow from Big Band music, creating a swung rhythm (Tick---Tick-Tick) either with the Drums or the Guitar.

The more modern style of Country music tends to move away from swung rhythm and instead focuses on the base beat instead. Boom----Boom

Here the swung sound is being made more strongly with a Guitar embellishment in the background. The dance itself is designed to be fast moving, meaning even in a song that has a lower tone of energy, can still feel fast while County Swing dancing.

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