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Cha Cha

Character of the Music and the Dance

Cha Cha is distinctly know for its flirty attitude. Chasing your partner back and forth across the floor, having fun teasing your partner then moving away. The dance runs at a faster pace while also maintaining the Cuban motion that its cousin Rumba shares.

Common Instruments

Claves, Conga, Guiro, Cascara

Rhytmical Themes

Cha Cha is characterized by two fast Clicking actions that happen in the music. Usually will go like Boom---Tick---Boom---TICK TICK. The faast Ticking sounds will normally be played by a Shaker, Guiro, or fast Drumming.

Click the Samples Below

Sample Descriptions

This song uses both the Gurio and the Drums to make the base Cha Cha beat more easy to hear

This song depends on the rattling sound of the Gurio to emphasize when the Cha Cha sound is happening.

The main Cha Cha rhythm is being hit by the bells in the background while the rest of the music gives it a more Modern Feel

This song has all the traditional Cha Cha elements but uses horns for the dancers to play with.

This song is using different instruments in the music to create the same base Cha Cha Rhythm.

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