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Character of the Music and the Dance

This dance embraces the emotions sorrow, sadness, and loss. The dance is performed at a slower pace with large graceful styling with a unique rising and falling action. The framing and body movement are very similar to dances like Waltz. The music and moves reflect that of dances like Rumba.

Common Instruments

Claves, Conga Drum, Cata', Maracas, Guiro

Rhytmical Themes

The music will have a very soft yet strong Boom sound that lingers for two beats until followed by two quick clicking sounds. Often there will be a shaking sound or you will hear the Guiro rattling in the background. More pop like songs will play fewer instruments but contrast sounds using a background of semi silence.

Click the Samples Below

Sample Descriptions

Note that the Boom sound is very soft but the clicking sounds are very loud and obvious

The Boom is deeper and lasts long time but is still met with the two clicking sounds.

Here the Guitar acts as both the Boom and a background embellishment. It doesn't linger as long but does the same job.

The lower tones and deeper sounds in Bolero is what helps characterize the sadness and Sorrow of the dance.

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