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Blues Dance

Character of the Music and the Dance

Blues dancing has many forms. Juke, Ballromin, Fuzion, Micro, and more. Some are danced to music that is more Blues band or Swing band oriented, while other versions have adapted to slower modern styles of music like R&B and Slower Pop songs. They all hold some of the same general principles. Most styles are generally danced to slower music, there is a large amount of freedom of movement with its flexible structure, and the dances are usually performed in a close position.

Common Instruments

Drums, Flue, Horns, Piano, Guitar, Bass

Rhytmical Themes

If the music is more towards Big Band or Blues, the beat will have a subtle boom and a strong TICK: boom---TICK. In the R&B and Pop side of Blues, the Boom---Tick is more even.

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Sample Descriptions

This song represent the overall tone of the original styles of Blues dancing. Low to mid energy level, lots of musical embellishments, and a constant thrumming beat. Tends to be on the Jazzy side.

Traditional Jazz music is also very Common for Blues Dancing Music. Low key with a lot going on with the background embellishments.

For styles Like Blues Fusion, Micro Blues, and more, they keep the low key energy but the music style changes to more Modern songs.

The Primary beat can be very subtle but the overall tone of the music is still low key and in this case intense.

This is more of a traditional Blues song that has lot's of embellishments and a harder beat. Still low key in energy but a bit stronger then other types of Blues Dancing music.

Slow Folk music tends to be a very good fit for modern style Blues Dancing. Naturally Low key with soft beats and lot's of embellishments.

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