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Character of the Music and the Dance

Bachata is danced either openly or in a more sensual hold. Openly the dance is very fun and has a slight bounce to it. Sensualy there is a very close hold with lots of body movements and connection. Body rolls, foot tapping, and slow turns are common.

Common Instruments

Guitar, Base, bongos, güira

Rhytmical Themes

The main beat you will normally hear is a Boom-Boom-Boom-Tick. This is repeated throughout the majority of the music even in the modern adaptions.

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Sample Descriptions

The Boom-Boom-Boom-Tick is evident here and there are plenty of instruments that tend to be in Cuban Style Music

The Background sound of the primary beat is subtle and the embellishments from the Guitar are more obvious but the back main beat is still there if you listen closely.

The Boom-s have been changed into subtle ticking sounds instead. The last tick is emphasized. tick-tick-tick-TICK

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