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West Coast Swing Fast Track Starter Kit


Want to learn how to dance West Coast Swing? Looking to refine your fundamentals? Start with this video before you start learning any more steps. This video contains all the foundational drills, technique, and moves you need in order to dance West Coast Swing in the most fun and flowy way possible! The exercises in this Starter Kit teaches you what most important to learn about West Coast Swing, and how to use those techniques to have an enjoyable dance regardless of any mistakes that may occur on the floor. The Fast Rack version focuses on just the fundamentals, meaning its less overwhelming and will get you dancing West Coast Swing much faster.

Lesson Taught by Brett Granstrom and Keri Pilgrim at Spark Up Dance Llc.

00:00:10 Introduction
00:01:53 What is West Coast Swing?
00:03:35 Tension Hand Hold
00:05:46 Compression Connection
00:08:21 Stretch
00:11:42 3rd Foot position and Tug of War
00:15:35 Momentum Machine
00:21:06 Left Side Pass Drill
00:27:13 Sugar Push Drill
00:35:18 Foot Rolling & Pitch
00:43:59 Double Rhythm
00:48:21 Left Side Pass Double Rhythm
00:53:17 Foot Collection
00:56:32 Sugar Push Double Rhythm
01:00:03 Under Arm Turn Double Rhythm
01:06:10 What to Focus On & Ending

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